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Designing the Future of Education is a bold mission, but we're up for the task!


Professional development means many different things to many different people. We believe in aprofessional development experience which encourages teachers to reframe their instructional approach in a supportive, holistic, ongoing, and (most importantly) fully customized way.
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We are teachers

Led by teachers, for teachers. As teachers, we understand the challenges they face and what's needed to overcome them. We always put teachers first and give them actionable, doable, and real-world content that is ready to use in class tomorrow.
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We personalize

We are fully present sowith clients in order to provide the personalized experience they deserve. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for every project by giving it afull service treatment and customizing the experience to meet the success criteria.
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We are flexible

We empower teachers with an open mindset, embracing innovation and sharing current trands. Our agility in responding to partner needs, coupled with research-based strategies, underscores our commitment to effective education.
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Curriculum Writing
WhyMaker has been part of multiple major curriculum writes for schools, companies and government entities.
Professional Development
WhyMaker offers completely customized and curated professional development to meet the needs of your educators.
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Our Approach

We craft workshops that remove the pressure of the workday schedule, allowing educators to dive into hands-on practice with tools andtechnologies. We put teachers first, which means listening to thei needs and going out ofour way to encourage them to build great learning environments. Through our style of professional learning, we create an environment of trust, respect and open dialogue for educators. We elevate teacher's voices. We encourage an environment of sharing from teachers based on the belief that the best knowledge is in the room. We have high expectations and deliverables for educators and hold them accountable for their own learning and growth.
Two women studying together.

Our Research

• We follow the Standards for Professional Learning
• We use components of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in every professional learning experience
• We use coaching models set forth by Elena Augilar
• We follow research-based professional development strategies that have been proven to be successful
Two women watching robotics on their computer.Two women watching robotics on their computer.

How we can help

• Stay current with new research and best practices in the STEM field
• Improve educator performance, leading to better student learning outcomes
• Help foster a sense of collaboration and community among teachers, leading to overall enhanced school culture
• Provide new ideas, strategies and perspectives, which can beshared with other teachers, parents, and administrators, resulting in amore collaborative environment.
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The Ursuline School

The Ursuline School, an all-girls institution in New Rochelle, NY, sought assistance from Whymaker regarding technology education. Thay needed support in teaching computer science, computational thinking, integrating robotics into math/science, training teachers on Edison Robots, and establishing classroom management strategies. Whymaker aided by training8teachers, developing 3 courses, creating 4 projects, and impacting 800 girls. This collaboration enabled the girls to practice Edison coding, relate computational thinking to programming, incorporate Edison Robots into math/science projects, establish effective classroom management, and acquire 40 Edison Robots for middle school students.
Two women studying together.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Whymaker has been a game-changer for The Ursuline School. Their training made robotics seamless in our math and science classes, benefitting 800 girls. The 40 Edison Robots we acquired through them have taken our hands-on learning to new heights."
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"Whymaker revolutionized my teaching at The Ursuline School. Their training empowered me to seamlessly integrate robotics into my classes, engaging and inspiring my students like never before. Thank you, Whymaker!"
Julia Anderson
Ursuline School's principal
Sophie Moore
Ursuline School's teacher

What Our Clients Say


The instructor was amazing. She was full of energy and extremely informative. I am so glad I participated. I learned a lot of useful resources to use with my students. I cannot wait to look into the resources that were provided.
Katheryn S., Teacher
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I don’t remember the last time I had so much fun at a PD and felt like a student again. Thank you for engaging educators from many different areas, levels, backgrounds, experiences, and districts in New York.
Francisca H., Teacher
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With the educator demographic well outside of our typical audience, WhyMaker made for a turnkey event; helping drive attendance, facilitate the workshop, and draw parallels for our industry with STEM initiatives and Guidance in school.
Katherine Z., Haugland Group
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Why Choose WhyMaker?

World-Class Professional Development icon.
World-Class Professional Development
Teacher training with personalized and customized attention your educators deserve.
Outstanding Curriculum Writing icon.
Outstanding Curriculum Writing
Spreading our love of STEM through lessons that are practical, meaningful and thoughtful.
Top Notch Course For Teachers icon.
Top Notch Course For Teachers
Our hands-on course, is hands-down thebest for practicing how to plan Maker projects Here!
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High-Quality Stem Products
Robots, Coding, Electronics, Makerspace, Construction, Architecture are more! All vetted by STEM teachers themselves.