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Career & Technical Education (CTE)
Preparing students for the workforce through Career & Technical Education (CTE)
WhyMaker is a leader in helping educators guide their students towards fruitful career opportunities in energy.
Computer Science & Computational Thinking
Incorporating computer science standards into every day instruction is vital for improving student outcomes.
Technology is like air to our learners in that, it’s everywhere.
Design Thinking
Design Thinking is a powerful and creative problem-solving process that builds a strong infrastructure for both teaching and learning.
STEM education helps prepare students for their future with meaningful skills and ways of thinking.
Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning (PBL) is the educational pedagogy that your students are craving!

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World-Class Professional Development icon.
World-Class Professional Development
Teacher training with personalized and customized attention your educators deserve.
Outstanding Curriculum Writing icon.
Outstanding Curriculum Writing
Spreading our love of STEM through lessons that are practical, meaningful and thoughtful.
Top Notch Course For Teachers icon.
Top Notch Course For Teachers
Our hands-on course, is hands-down thebest for practicing how to plan Maker projects Here!
High-Quality Stem Products icon.
High-Quality Stem Products
Robots, Coding, Electronics, Makerspace, Construction, Architecture are more! All vetted by STEM teachers themselves.