The Ursuline School

The all girls Ursuline School in New Rochelle, New York approached us to help them with technology-specific training.

Three women using robotics.

Hands-On Teaching

Learning how to incorporate STEM through a PLC has hundreds of benefit's, but being Hands-On is one of the best. With every group session, Educators will be tasked

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Group Sessions

Indulge in the Whymaker experience and the P.D. Offering you chose by yourself or with a group of up to 20 Educators. Whymaker will have Group sessions with you and your colleagues to professionally develop your skills with STEM teaching.

Not only that, you'll be able to chat and brainstorm amongst each other to formulate new ideas and projects within your school. Each PLC includes Sessions of up to 1 hour each, Including 20 educators maximum, in a virtual or in person enviroment

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Two women learning robotics on their computers.
What they asked for help with:
  • Learn how to teach computer science concepts
  • Learn how to teach computational thinking
  • Plan projects that incorporate robotics into math and science courses
  • Train Technology Teachers to use Edison Robots
  • Creating classroom management strategies for working with Edison Robots
How we helped:
  • 8 teachers taught & trained
  • 3 semester-long courses developed
  • 4 content-based projects created
  • 800 girls impacted
What we accomplished together:
  • Practice programming with Edison coding languages
  • Connect computation thinking concepts to Edison programming
  • Discussed math and science projects using Edison Robots
  • Detailed plan for classroom management of Edison Robots
  • Purchase of 40 Edison Robots for all middle school students to use

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